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Custom Design and Fabrication
A direct result of product design, evaluation, and prototype assessment is our understanding the right way to measure critical features in the manufacturing process and the necessity for exacting tolerance in gage design and fabrication. In fact, our constant pursuit of close tolerance parts has led to refusal to quote on the part of local machine shops. Some simply don't want to operate within a couple of thousandths of an inch. To that end, we've invested in the equipment and training to meet that level of compliance. All our turning and milling is CNC interfaced. Grinding, that’s still manual and will probably stay that way, it keeps the gagemaker on intimate terms with the work-piece. Coupled with our inspection capability, accuracy in part fabrication is not an issue. Custom Fabrication
By completing a thorough design process with assembly and animation, 2D prints are delivered to the machine shop in the next room. For those quick and dirty projects, Russ will sketch parts on the back of envelopes and fabricate fixtures off the cuff. The point here is that the process of getting fixtures and gages into use is typically a long process. Here, we’ve got warm parts being checked for fit before others can get prints into approval. Machine Shop
CNC turning and milling Gage Design and Fabrication