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Design and Prototype Assessment
If you’re familiar with 3D development environments, you understand the importance, significance and consequence of a thorough design process. But to have the software and technical expertise alone is not enough. To be effective and competitive, we have established the requisite design capability to distribute the concept and product to team members for collaboration and approval. With our web based distribution capability, not just FTP, we can control access to the multiple iterations and generations of a design evolution. Click on the file below to download a sample 3D model (you will need a VRML player) and the print in pdf format.
Sample 3D VRML Model
Sample 3D PDF Print
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Parallel Graphics VRML Viewer
Cosmo VRML Player
Early in the design process, we can export files for sterolithic models and rapid prototypes. Once the design matures to the unit cavity prototype mold, we can continue to update and share the model. OK, so its not a perfect world and when reality sets in, there will be multiple changes and generations of the prototype, especially as part geometry changes due to molding, functionality and aesthetic requirements. To that end, we continue throughout the design process to update models and prints and post them for short-term development cycles. We’d like to show you some of the actual products we’ve helped develop, but that would violate the proprietary interest of our customers.
During the design process, we thoroughly evaluate the prototype components. This includes dimensional measurement and testing of any critical features for specification compliance, durability, and longevity. For the dimensional portion, we initially inspect samples for visual defects. Once complete, any critical features on the prototypes are measured optically, with a CMM, and/or with custom gaging. Testing follows. We often complete functional testing, destructive testing, and life testing using various equipment and custom gages. To complete the prototype assessment, we provide detailed analyses, make any necessary recommendations, and provide revised 3D models and prints if necessary.
Design and Prototype Assessment CMM
3D VRML Model