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Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanical Engineering Design If you haven’t pick up on it yet, we’re using I-deas by EDS. With a site license for most components of the suite, we can provide our customers with the comprehensive design environment necessary in rapid time to market design efforts: 3D component modeling, 3D assembly, associative and non-associative 2D prints, finite element analysis, simulation, and animation.
Though our expertise is predominantly in plastic part design we can design just about any mechanical part or system. Since many plastic parts are designed concurrently with the injection molding cavities and molding process, we routinely work with interference fits, draft angles, puller rings and tabs, shrinkage and mold flow. We realize the mandatory and concurrent design considerations part functionality, aesthetics and moldability.
Also in our experience history is custom fixturing and bench-top gaging. Again, with intimate design knowledge of the parts we design and the functionality requirements, we understand the correct methodologies for introducing parts to gages and design these gages appropriately. All gages are designed for “hands-off” measurement for high repeatability and reproducibility. By using the 3D design environment and the assembly capability of I-deas, we confirm the correct fitment of all gage parts and the actual measured part before chips hit the floor.