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Career Opportunities
FasTrak Network is a growing life reliability test and evaluation interest in Upstate New York. Catering to pharmaceutical and packaging industries, we ensure product quality and reliability is designed and manufactured into our customer's delivered product. This includes product design, prototype assessment for functional performance, specification compliance, and process validation, troubleshooting and optimization. This inherently precipitates specification development, inspection of prototype and production parts, validation program development and execution for molding and secondary operation equipment. We have a wide assortment of new metrology for part inspection, automated data collection on all equipment and a comprehensive capability in statistical analysis. Our next opportunity is in six-sigma project execution for a major pharmaceutical company. With ten years experience and history with this client, we are well poised for dramatic growth in the next two years that will be driven by the ambition and competency of our staff. We are looking for dedicated, responsible people with good communication and interpersonal skills to complement our existing, close knit staff.
Current Openings
Co-Op Positions:
Mechanical Engineering Major (EMEM or ITFM)
Statistics or Mathematics Major (EQAS, SMAG, SMAM or SMAS)
Permanent Positions:
Industrial Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Applied Industrial Statistics Data Analyst
IT Manager
Test Technician
Why FasTrak Network
FasTrak Network’s dynamic leadership and participatory management style promote a strong sense of belonging, mutual respect, and sincere concern among the management and staff. Our success in retaining highly qualified, motivated people stems from its supportive collaborative culture, with its benefits program and personal development program. In a period of rapidly-shifting opportunities, our turnover rate is remarkably low. In order to attract and retain staff, FasTrak Network Corporation offers our staff a feature-rich benefits program which includes:
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Challenging Professional Growth
  • Individually Tailored Career Development
  • Excellent Benefits
    • Vacation Plan
    • Flexible benefits points system
    • Health Insurance Options
    • 401 Retirement Plan
FasTrak Network realizes that in today’s highly competitive job market, a successful company must offer its employees much more than a good salary and good benefits. FasTrak Network’s total compensation package is competitive within the industry but we offer much more. In order to attract and retain our employees, FasTrak Network Corporation has developed a corporate culture that encourages learning and creativity and nurtures professional growth. Each employee is made to feel that he or she is not only contributing to personal success, but that they are an integral part of a team that ensures the Company’s success as a whole.
Bonus Program
FasTrak Network offers cash bonuses to employees who are successful in establishing our services to new customers. Excellent performance on the job to maintain contract renewal, business expansion, new employee referrals, and new business development help staff members qualify for cash awards.
To Join Our Team, please send your resume in either plain text or MS Word formats to our Human Resources manager.
FasTrak Network provides full time employees a generous competitive benefits package which includes medical insurance; disability insurance; vacation and a 401k retirement plan. A summary of these benefits is provided below:
Benefits for Non Service Contract Act (SCA) staff members:
  • Group Health Insurance - MVP or CDPHP, the major Health Care Insurance providers in the Mohawk valley. This coverage can include prescription services.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) - Employees can set aside benefits points on a pre-tax basis to pay for health and other benefit expenses.
  • Disability Insurance - Disability Insurance is provided at no cost to employees.
  • 401(K) - Employees can set aside up to 15% of pre-tax salary into one of 18 different investment funds
Time Off:
  • Vacation - Employees accrue benefits points which can be used for vacation, sick leave or personal time. FasTrak Network doesn’t differentiate between sick, vacation, and personal leave. Employees accrue available personal time based on a percentage of their salary:
    • Holidays - FasTrak Network Corporation full-time employees receive seven regular holidays and three floating holidays per year.
Personal Development:
  • Educational Assistance Program
  • Employee Training
  • In-house Training
Join Our Team, please send your resume in either plain text or MS Word formats to Russ Wrisley