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Current Activities
Here is the list of current and upcoming projects at FasTrak Network.
Look for your project below for our scheduled delivery date.
  Profile training Outline - targeted mid April  
  Validation Expert Flow Chart -- Targeted mid April  
  Ben Prints -- targeted for mid April release for approval  
  DP3 pltf revision -- waiting for approval  
  Mold Manager database -- global report distribution targeted mid April  
  First Article Analyses (9) -- targeted Early May  
  DP3 pltf CMM fixture -- Second fixture in Early May  
  Designer Prints-- Early May  
  New Cap tool validation -- waiting for parts  
  #16 Fez validation -- waiting for parts  
  123-00-02 validation -- waiting for parts  
  317 and 318 applicator alternate materials in Unipol -- waiting for parts  
  Ben Validation -- waiting for parts  
  Latch Open Force Gage Redesign - not started yet