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Our Credibility
Russ Wrisley
Founder, President, CEO
Russ Wrisley started FasTrak Network in 1989 with a fire in his belly to start and manage a successful business. Having worked a stint with Corning and then with IIT Research Institute, he is well versed in Process Engineering, standard cost analysis, statistical process control, statistical process analysis and improvement and mechanical reliability data analysis. In short his experience is rich in industrial process engineering. While at IIT Research Institute, he built on the statistical capability with reliability engineering and was a principal author in their first ever offered Mechanical Reliability Training Seminar. He also learned the value of personal and professional integrity and its direct relationship to minimizing marketing costs. Today the combination of all his experience is culminated in his technical consulting, project management and corporate policy development.
Russ Wrisley, Founder, President, CEO and Mechanical Engineer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Master of Business Administration
Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
State University of New York at Delhi
  • Associate of Science in Engineering Science
Work Experience
FasTrak Network Corporation
  • Founder, President, CEO
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Six-Sigma Black Belt (Pending Completion of Certification)
  • Technical Writer
  • Reliability Data Analyst
  • Test Data Analyst
  • Statistical Data analyst & report writing
  • Experimental design
  • Gage Design, Fabrication and Qualification
  • 12+ years experience with injection molded components
  • Test apparatus design
  • Custom Software Design for Data Analysis
  • Custom Database User Interface Design
  • Machinist and Gage-maker
  • Chief janitor, snow shoveler and keeper of the joke library
IIT Research Institute
  • Reliability Data Analyst
  • Statistical Data Analyst
  • Software Design
  • Mechanical Reliability Training Course Development
  • Primary instructor for Mechanical Reliability Training Course
Corning Glass Works
  • Process Engineering
  • Six-Sigma Program Implementation
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