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Dimensional Inspection
Our core list of metrology features a Zeiss Contura Coordinate Measuring Machine and Smartscopes from Optical Gaging Products. We've been using the Smartscopes since 1997, and augmented the arsenal with the CMM in 2001. Operator training on the CMM is provided through Zeiss and although OGP has basic Smartscope training, we've developed our own certification program. Because we're often called upon to measure prototypeBall Bar Probe parts, we were involved in the design of, or performed the dimensional inspection for the same tool validation, or qualified the same parts for relocation to another molding facility, or developed the specifications for the molded parts....we're considered the expert at dimensional inspection -- at least our customers tell us we are. Being the expert, we're also asked to design hard gaging to be used in the QC lab or out next to the molding press. We design all these gages to have a very logical interface, provide for easy and fast presentation of the part to the gage, and provide automated data collection. We try to use materials that don't require expensive machining techniques or plating processes but never at the expense of long term reliability and performance. You can see from our metrology, we're primarily focused on small parts. We can measure thin films down to 0.5 microns, material and wall thickness in round corners to 0.0005 inches. Not to sound pompous, but when it comes to small parts, if we can't measure it, nobody else can either.
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