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Metrology Department
Zeiss FasTrak Network Corporation has been performing dimensional inspections for process validation since the early 90’s. What started with verniers and a toolmaker’s microscope has matured into OGP smartscopes, calibrated automated video non-contact dimensional inspection systems and coordinate measurement machines. We’ve measured film thicknesses to microns and can measure three dimensional geometries up to 700 x 700 x 1000 (mm). All metrology is NIST traceable.
Smart Scope The beauty of having high precision contact measurement technology in both the CMM and optical non-contact video systems, we can customize the right measurement technique for your contract inspection needs; contact scanning for freeform geometries to be reverse engineered or non-contact optical for high volume or highly flexible parts. Either way, we have the right equipment. With several optical inspection systems available, our delivery time is enviable. Our staff is too familiar with the process of designing and fabricating test fixtures and programming the equipment while received parts acclimate to room temperature. The net affect is minimal turnaround time. We've been known to run all night on urgent programs.
Metrology Of course, we have the full complement of hand held metrology as well as a host of custom gages fabricated here in our gage making shop, all outfitted with Mitutoyo digital indicators.
Smart Scope For all our metrology, valid calibration consistency is substantiated with our in-house metrology maintenance and calibration program. A critical element of that program includes calibration checks. By control charting this calibration check data we can substantiate instrument stability and can compare similar instruments. We also use this data to initiate maintenance or recalibration in unexplainable out-of-control conditions.
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