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Statistical Data Analysis
Data analysis is not a trivial task at FasTrak Network. Our typical analysis starts with a comprehensive review and assessment of the collected data for accuracy and correct identification. We then look for statistical outliers and remeasure and confirm suspect data points. From there it is a mix of options ranging from basic summary statistics to multiple anova, regression, reliability analysis or comprehensive experimental design. Again, Statistica is the choice of applications for all statistical data analysis but, if necessary, we are versed in Minitab and other applications. Where the applications donít provide the capability, such as bootstrapping and simulation, we write our own routines to do the job.
Statistical Data   Statistical Data Analysis
Data Analysis Injection Mold
Regardless of the analysis the result and deliverable is a comprehensive graphically rich report complete with recommendations, conclusions and management summary. Some customers will request a comprehensive presentation of the data analysis and some donít want to know that level of detail. Thatís no problem either way. We can deliver short and sweet high level summaries or include well formatted data analyses. If the customer is versed in Statistica, we simply send them the workbook. Either way, the result is a delivery of useful information written for quick understanding and use backed by highly detailed technical analysis. A sampling of different types of analyses and their results are listed below.
  • Experimental Design (DOE)
  • Basic Statistics Diagrams
  • Multiple Regression
  • ANOVA\ Multiple ANOVA
  • Process Capability Analysis
  • Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • Weibull Analysis and Reliability/time to Failure analysis
  • Cause - Effect diagrams
  • Quality Control Charts
  • Simulations
    A histogram of results including:
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Tests of normality
  • Capability Index
  • Performance Index
  • Box Plots (if applicable) of each variable. (These include factors such as Date, Shift, Shot, Cavity, Temperature, Material, or anything else that may affect results.)
  • Control Charts:
    • X Bar Chart
    • S Chart
  • Runs Tests
  • Weibull Plots
  • Reliability Predictions