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Testing Department
FasTrak Network started out performing life reliability and performance testing. With the detailed understanding of life reliability data assessment techniques, we have developed a comprehensive mechanical life testing and product performance-testing laboratory. This capability is complete with a host of equipment including vibration tables, temperature chambers and automated life cycling test apparatus. The list includes:
  • Chatillon 5KN rated materials test stand for material properties determination or any other highly controlled tension or compression test procedure.
  • Electronic scales and load cells for accurate weight and force measurement, from 0.0001 grams to 2000 pounds.
  • Torque cells and wrenches for torque measurement from fractional inch-ounces to 200 inch-pounds.
  • Motorized Test stands for controlled linear motion in testing
  • Motorized test stands for controlled rotational motion in testing
  • Thin film thickness gages
  • Surface roughness testers for surface finish - profilometers
  • Chamber from freezing to 200 degrees F and 10 to 90 % RH
  • Ovens to 500 degrees F
  • Fixed Frequency vibration table for 20 to 20000 Hz.
  • Atlas light chamber for Xenon light testing (approximates sunlight)
  • Light chamber for Fluorescent light exposure up to 1000 ft-candles
  • Leak Rate measurement, gas detection, volumetric and pressure decay.
  • MacBeth inspection booth
  • Southerland rub testers
  • Peel test fixtures
  • Adhesion testing equipment for decoration processes.
  • Diamond saw for sample sectioning
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