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Injection Mold Tool Validation
  Injection Mold Injection mold tool validations are a special subset of equipment and process validations because the product produced by an injection mold is the net result of the combination of equipment and process settings. To that end, the mold validations we support typically include steel dimensional analysis, first article analysis and a series of production run analyses AFTER the process development has been completed.

FasTrak Network has been supporting injection mold tool validation for about 10 years. Due to our frustration with third party suppliers for testing and inspection, we invested in the metrology for first article and volume part inspection. A staple in the mold tool validation is statistical analysis where we pioneered innovative techniques in first article analysis for one particular customer. Because they consider these techniques proprietary, we cannot use them without their permission. However, we can still conduct traditional tool validations with efficiency and accuracy using traditional statistical analysis.
  Injection mold tool validation Complimenting this high level of dimensional inspection is the comprehensive testing programs we develop and customize for specific products. Again, statistical analysis is the key to extracting accurate and useful information from the inspection and test data.